Piano Accompaniment

Piano Accompaniment Recently I have started recording some piano accompaniment arrangements of songs for people to sing along to. This may be of interest to people who like singing to karaoke-type music but on a much more laid back, acoustic level. I have only just started doing this but do check back regularly as I’mContinue reading “Piano Accompaniment”

Prelude in C Major (J.S Bach)

Prelude in C Major (J.S Bach) I am a member of a piano Facebook group and I came across someone learning this so thought I’d give it a go myself. As well as reading the music I looked it up on Spotify and found myself listening to Alistair McGowan playing it. If he can playContinue reading “Prelude in C Major (J.S Bach)”

Practice Room: Back to Earth (Dave Brubeck)

Practice Room: Back to Earth (Dave Brubeck) This is the first post within my new “Practice Room” category. Usually you see only the polished performances published on websites or on social media. However, I wanted to show you some of the behind the scenes practice that goes on in order to help create that officialContinue reading “Practice Room: Back to Earth (Dave Brubeck)”

Am I a keyboard player or a pianist?

This is an article about what I see as the differences between keyboards and pianos, both in terms of the instruments themselves and how to play them. I am not technical at all but I do play both piano and keyboard and therefore also offer my limited insights into how smart technology can help youContinue reading “Am I a keyboard player or a pianist?”

The Piano in the Corner – theoretical misgivings

My parents bought a piano for my sister to start having lessons, at around the age of six. I would’ve been around three years old at that time – too young to have lessons, but old enough to be intrigued by the musical piece of furniture in the corner of the room. I began toContinue reading “The Piano in the Corner – theoretical misgivings”

Edinburgh Marathon 29.05.22

The big day finally arrived last Sunday. I had followed a strict training plan for five months to prepare for the Edinburgh marathon. I had done all the scheduled runs three times per week, though unlike the training for the only other marathon I have done, I didn’t push myself much beyond the plan andContinue reading “Edinburgh Marathon 29.05.22”

The Piano in the Corner – a preface

I love playing the piano. It was my favourite toy as kid, and still is. It was the skill I mastered quicker than any other. It became a thing that others wanted to hear me play, rather than just being forced to. It was how I came to be involved in amateur dramatics and schoolContinue reading “The Piano in the Corner – a preface”

The last leg

I have been in training for the Edinburgh marathon for what feels like forever. Actually I’ve only been training in earnest for just over four months, but now it is beginning to drag. I have lost the motivation to stick to my training plan, but stick to it I begrudgingly am. The last marathon IContinue reading “The last leg”


In the cold of a winter morningI hear you‘neath the waves of the summer seaI feel your every moveI live out all your momentsIn time zone of my ownAnd I pray for youWhen I am alone Amongst commuter hustleLies a charming stillThe blur of crowdsCreates a smooth surrenderI travel back in timeTo the place thatContinue reading “Breathing”