Back on the marathon trail

I’m on the marathon training trail. Again. Just over four years ago I ran my first marathon, in Birmingham. Since then I’ve branched out into doing trail running, experimented with wild running and obstacle races, did some lockdown run-challenges and fundraising with my club (Green Heart Runners), and twice had the Edinburgh marathon postponed dueContinue reading “Back on the marathon trail”

Dear 2022

Now listen in hard, year ‘22There aren’t many days to goAnd before you start unleashing hellThere are some things you need to know You can’t be much like this yearAnd not like the one beforeNow I hope you’re paying attentionFor we need to know what is in store This year was a major improvementOn 2020,Continue reading “Dear 2022”

JeThRo and I

This is a short post about my memories of the Cornish comedian Jethro. It’s not about any specific jokes or performances, but on the way he became a part of my upbringing, and his style and distinct language, part of a lexicon that I would dip in and out of over the years, and stillContinue reading “JeThRo and I”

Going it alone

I wrote this on 23rd June 2016 – the day of the Brexit referendum, before the results were announced and whilst there was a sense of foreboding amongst remain voters. Whether Brexit will be judged as the right thing or the wrong thing will only be determined by historians, many generations from now. In theContinue reading “Going it alone”


Sometimes. It only takes a sarcastic comment or a disdainful look.To take you down. To take them down. To take anyone down. Sometimes. It only takes a rude email. Needlessly copied to other people.To knock your confidence. Sometimes. Knowingly ignoring someone. In a corridor. In a meeting.Can make that person feel inadequate, unequal, inferior. Sometimes.Continue reading “Sometimes”

Memories of Sheena

In the summer of 2005, my grandparents informed us that they had bought a new puppy, a Cairn Terrier, and her name was Sheena. Only a few months previously my parents had bought a new Border Terrier puppy called Daisy who was beginning to enjoy life as the sole canine occupier and senior gardening assistantContinue reading “Memories of Sheena”

It’s a caterpillar’s life

Suspended in mid-airThen shimmies to the groundLimbo time is overHe wants to look around Something odd beyond the bushesMaking him suspiciousBut the angel on his shoulderSays it looks delicious “Go on, Tom, be strong, be boldWinners never linger”Cautiously approachesA discarded fishfinger Crispy on the outsideSmudgy on the innerNo caterpillar has ever hadA more fulfilling dinner