From the physical to the virtual

All over the country social running clubs have become virtual social running clubs. Just like that. It happened literally overnight. For the Green Heart Runners, that night was Tuesday 17th March. That was the point when England Athletics informed all affiliated running clubs that they should stop group runs with immediate effect. I felt absolutelyContinue reading “From the physical to the virtual”

Day 8 – Social, Musical, Emotional

The university I work for has set-up a dedicated Facebook group for staff members to join, as a means of keeping touch with colleagues and friends. After only a week the group has over 1700 members and is beginning to form a social life of its own. People are sharing photos of their home workstations,Continue reading “Day 8 – Social, Musical, Emotional”

Our Time

I had great intentions of writing daily reflections about this new home-working life. It’s day five and I’ve already changed my mind. Just like working from home for this extended period, I need to pace myself. So here’s a poem of mine instead 🙂 Catch-up folks, I’m growing fast, I know you must agree.Every dayContinue reading “Our Time”

I went for a run today

This is a post by my colleague and friend, Gareth Chapman. The act of simply running allowed him to lose himself in thought, and his thoughts, inevitably, turned to the current situation we’re all faced with. Here they are. Thanks, Gareth. I went for a run today. I didn’t run very far or very fast,Continue reading “I went for a run today”

“Chico” the escaped sausage-dog

Yesterday was tiring. I wouldn’t normally feel so tired at the end of a working from home day. But I was pretty beat and I received messages from other colleagues saying they felt the same. For me there are a number of factors at play: I’ve still been getting up at my usual time butContinue reading ““Chico” the escaped sausage-dog”