Edinburgh Marathon 29.05.22

The big day finally arrived last Sunday. I had followed a strict training plan for five months to prepare for the Edinburgh marathon. I had done all the scheduled runs three times per week, though unlike the training for the only other marathon I have done, I didn’t push myself much beyond the plan andContinue reading “Edinburgh Marathon 29.05.22”

The last leg

I have been in training for the Edinburgh marathon for what feels like forever. Actually I’ve only been training in earnest for just over four months, but now it is beginning to drag. I have lost the motivation to stick to my training plan, but stick to it I begrudgingly am. The last marathon IContinue reading “The last leg”


I don’t believe in anything nowThere’s nothing to care for at allEverything to which I used to connectAll just seems pointless and small I don’t believe a word I am toldAll that I hear is liesNarcissism at the root of it allWith barely any disguise Surrounded by bullies and traitorsOnly with one thing in mindImmoral,Continue reading “Trapped”

Inspirational running stories

Charlotte Hall is a member of the Green Heart Runners and will soon be able to support me in developing and growing the club when she becomes qualified as an England Athletics Run Leader. Charlotte has interests and skills in many different outdoor pursuits, but I only recently discovered her flair for writing book reviews!Continue reading “Inspirational running stories”