The Day’s Only Just Begun

These are lyrics to a song I wrote quite a few years ago. They still resonate with me now. I open my eyes and the day’s begunDon’t want to miss out on all that funMum says I’ll only once be youngShe don’t much but she knows her sonAnd I might just fly awayAnd right theContinue reading “The Day’s Only Just Begun”

Social anxiety or reluctance?

Since the end of the first lockdown, I have noticed that I have been increasingly reticent about attending social gatherings and generally being amongst large groups of people. The best phrase I can think of to describe this feeling is social anxiety, although I would say the true feeling hovers somewhere between that and socialContinue reading “Social anxiety or reluctance?”

Nobody Does It Better

I used to play in a band at university. We were mainly a rock-indie group with a few funky and soul tunes included as well. We generally played high-tempo songs to keep the student crowds moving and match the increasingly high-octane atmosphere in whichever pub or club we were in. However, we always found timeContinue reading “Nobody Does It Better”

I’m committed now!

200 miles in, 800 to go. There’s no turning back now! This morning I passed the 200 mile mark on my quest to run 1,000 miles this year. On a challenge like this, the first part is particularly tough. Firstly, because you’ve got to get yourself into a fairly strict routine which is never easyContinue reading “I’m committed now!”

Changing of the Seasons

The changing of the seasonsBears a shifting of the moodThe warming of the weatherInspires confidence renewed Autumn turns to winterSure as summer follows springIt’s regular as clockworkWith the luck that change can bring Winter clothes go southFor their annual migrationSummer garb emergesFrom its winter hibernation Nothing lasts foreverThe good times nor the badOur memories remindContinue reading “Changing of the Seasons”

Sue Gray

She’s on my mind unceasinglyAt work and whilst at playThough I’ve never met herShe is, of course, Sue Gray A nation’s hopes depend on herNo matter what you sayWill he stay, or will he go?That depends upon Sue Gray While we all stuck tight to the rulesDid he the law obey?No-one knows the answerNo-one butContinue reading “Sue Gray”