Welcome to my website. My name is Robbie. I play the piano and write poetry and song lyrics. I hope you have an interest in at least one of these subjects and are happy to have found me!

Here you will find poems and lyrics to read, piano music to listen to, with options to purchase my poetry and to get in touch with me about booking my services as a pianist. My blog also includes a variety of poems, lyrics, videos and articles on my latest interests.


I have played the piano from the age of five. I have performed the piano as a soloist, accompanist, and played in several bands for many years. I have quite a vast repertoire across multiple genres including modern and contemporary songs, jazz, and songs from the musicals. Whilst I can read music, I am lucky to be able to play generally by ear, which means I can also pick up new songs quite quickly.


I have written lyrics and poems since I was a teenager and have recently been working with Sinead Farry, a fantastic illustrator, to bring them to life. In 2022 I decided to share my work to a wider audience. You can find, and purchase, some of my prints on the shop page.

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