Twilight Days

We’re sitting in the cast of a shadow
The sax is feeling the mood
The waves outside are crashing on the sea front
We’re inside enjoying our food

Your eyes hold a truth in a whisper
They sparkle like the wine in your hand
Your lips send a shiver down the back of my spine
My heart beating quicker than the band

Will it be like this forever?
Will your face be the thrill of my gaze?
Will your palm seem so pure, when our time is fewer
When we’re in our twilight days?

We talk like we could talk for hours
Your voice is a cure to my ears
And the words that you say, won’t ever go away
’til the day they’ll reduce me to tears

You lead me up to the dance floor
You dance with such eloquence and grace
And we laugh at a joke we remembered
Your laughter illuminates the place

Will it be like this for ever?
Or will laughter turn in to dismay?
And will the joke seem so funny
When we’re in our twilight days?

We finish the meal and the liquor
And the waiter brings us the bill
You say shall I go back to your place
And I nervously say that I will

You bring out the tea and the coffee
We relax in more comfortable chairs
And my heart beats so fast, it could be my last
When you say, ‘shall we go upstairs?’

Oh will it be like this forever?
Or is it just a passing phase?
Will I lust for your body, your soul and your mind
When we’re in our twilight days?
When we’re in our twilight days.


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