‘Try before you buy’ works with wedding music too!

The live music at your wedding is an important part of the day. It may not be the most expensive part, but it can be one of the most memorable, so it’s important to get it right!

One way of ensuring you get it right is to not only watch and listen to video and audio clips of the musician or band you are interested in via their website or social media, but also to ask them to send you a bespoke recording of a song you wish them to play, particularly if it is going to be played during the wedding ceremony. This will help satisfy you that they are versatile, adaptable and, if they are a band, that they practice together regularly enough to be able to send you a bespoke recording within a reasonable timeframe.

As a wedding pianist, I personally like to do this as well for couples who are interested in booking me, as I know then that they do enjoy my style of playing and have full confidence that I’ll fit the bill on the day. I also find it helps me expand my repertoire as while it is often a song I already know, sometimes it isn’t and this gives me a new challenge and an opportunity to add to my song list.

I record songs on my Yahama keyboard then transfer them to bespoke recording software I have on my computer. I then upload the song online where it can be saved as a private recording accessible only those to whom I send the specific link. This is quite useful as the couple getting married can not only listen to it themselves, but also send it on to others involved in helping them plan their special day.

So, don’t be shy about asking me, or any musician you’re interested in booking, for a bespoke recording if it’ll help you be certain that you’re choosing the right person for your big day!

Robbie Roberts – a West Midlands Wedding Pianist

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