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Red Buoy

The seagulls hover
The waves turn silent
There’s stillness in the air
Building everywhere

Dogs aren’t barking
Kids have stopped crying
The fast before the feast
From over the horizon
Everybody’s eyes-are-on
A quite magnificent beast

Pounding ‘long the beach
Red buoy as his armour
The crowds stand back in awe
The music getting louder
The sand kicks up like powder
Who is he? What’s he for?

Speeding like a cheetah
Humming like an engine
He heads straight for the water
Only then we hear the screams
That will wake us in our dreams
A child. A mother’s daughter

Lashing through waves
Like a dolphin at the races
He reaches the hapless child
Brings her back from choppy seas
The mother drops down to her knees
The crowds go absolutely wild

The infant has been saved
Adoring fans in raptures
“Bring the gold medallion!”
The mayor appears quite randomly
The figure, stands most handsomely
And dons it ‘round the neck of this great stallion

The music starts again
The credits rolling up
Only a fool would scoff
A father whispers to his son
“You’ll ne’er forget ‘til your days are done
Today was the day you met the Hoff”

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