It’s the little things I miss

The end of another dayA chance to reminisceAbout the things I long forIt’s little things I miss Standing on the platformWhilst waiting for my trainFamiliar commutersIn sunshine, wind and rain Alighting at the stationWhen the campus comes aliveWalking to the Med School‘Cross the road on Vincent Drive Catching-up with colleaguesMany now are friendsHearing all theContinue reading “It’s the little things I miss”

Twilight Days

We’re sitting in the cast of a shadowThe sax is feeling the moodThe waves outside are crashing on the sea frontWe’re inside enjoying our food Your eyes hold a truth in a whisperThey sparkle like the wine in your handYour lips send a shiver down the back of my spineMy heart beating quicker than theContinue reading “Twilight Days”

Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?A voice spoke soft and slowNot quite yet, you’ve been so goodBut there’s some way to go I’ve played all the games i broughtThrough windows now I’m staringIt started off quite interestingNow it’s overbearing I don’t really travel wellLong distances, small spacesI prefer short, solitary hopsInterspersed with faces My movement isContinue reading “Are we nearly there yet?”

Our Time

I had great intentions of writing daily reflections about this new home-working life. It’s day five and I’ve already changed my mind. Just like working from home for this extended period, I need to pace myself. So here’s a poem of mine instead 🙂 Catch-up folks, I’m growing fast, I know you must agree.Every dayContinue reading “Our Time”


This isn’t anything directly to do with running. But running helps me overcome negativity, pain and grief. Maybe that’s the link. RR 💚 Grief.Like a tidal waveThen suddenly a deep blue sea GriefDoesn’t stop all clocksTime grows roots like a tree GriefMemories todayAren’t my memories tomorrow GriefComplex and matureIs much more than sadness and sorrowContinue reading “Grief”