The Day’s Only Just Begun

These are lyrics to a song I wrote quite a few years ago. They still resonate with me now. I open my eyes and the day’s begunDon’t want to miss out on all that funMum says I’ll only once be youngShe don’t much but she knows her sonAnd I might just fly awayAnd right theContinue reading “The Day’s Only Just Begun”

Twilight Days

We’re sitting in the cast of a shadowThe sax is feeling the moodThe waves outside are crashing on the sea frontWe’re inside enjoying our food Your eyes hold a truth in a whisperThey sparkle like the wine in your handYour lips send a shiver down the back of my spineMy heart beating quicker than theContinue reading “Twilight Days”

Capital Quake

When all the dust has settled And the wreckage is confirmed I’ll paint you a picture The one for which you’ve yearned The streets are full of rubble The town can barely stand Struggles from the pile ups Cuts on people’s hands I’ll tell you ‘bout the day time Desolate and grim The shadows areContinue reading “Capital Quake”