So many ways to smile

The Reverend Richard Coles thinks when wearing a mask, no-one can see you smile. I beg to differ 😊:

You can smile with your sparkling eyes
You can also smile with your deeds
You can make another person smile
When you put them before your own needs

You can smile with a kindly gesture
You can smile in the way that you walk
I will know if you’re smiling
Simply by the way that you talk

If I see your shoulders shaking
I know there’s a smile and a laugh
You can’t bottle up a smile
And you can’t plot it on a graph

You can smile in the messages you send
You can smile in a friendly tweet
You can smile by looking others in the eye
And not by staring at your feet

You can smile in the way you think
And smile in the words you say
Ain’t no way a protective mask
Will ever take our smiles away


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