Piano Perfection: Ludovico Einaudi Concert Review

picture of Ludovico Einaudi on stage in Birmingham

Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian pianist and composer who has gained worldwide acclaim for his contemporary classical music. Last week, I went to watch him perform at Resorts World Arena, in Birmingham.

Einaudi’s music is known for its emotive and cinematic qualities, often incorporating elements of minimalism combined with evocative and transportive music. His pieces are frequently used in film, television, and advertisements, and his albums have reached high positions in the classical music charts. Whilst he has a large and growing following, there is probably an equal number of people who don’t know his name but will know his music.

I usually play several Einaudi pieces when I play the piano at weddings and other social and corporate events, and they invariably are the ones that are followed by a ripple of applause or someone coming up to me afterwards saying they love hearing his music.

Watching Einaudi perform live is a truly unique experience; his music can transport listeners to another world. His delicate touch on the piano keys and his ability to convey complex emotions through his music is truly remarkable. Little wonder that he has become one of the most sought-after composers of our time.

The beauty of his playing is the seeming simplicity of his music. A feature of many of his pieces are repetitive motifs that provide a comforting consistency whilst he simultaneously builds on these familiar chord progressions with ever changing dynamics and depth.

Attending one of his concerts is not just a treat for the ears, but also for the eyes, as his shows often incorporate stunning visual effects and lighting. It is an immersive experience. On this tour he is joined on stage by a violinist and cellist for a few pieces. The addition of the two musicians as well as later, a percussionist, adds depth, variation and a contrast in shade and style, from his solo piano playing.

It is always a special experience to see a talented artist perform live. Even in the cavernous Resorts World Arena, not generally a venue for intimate musical concerts, Einaudi captivated the crowd and made us feel like it was a private, personal performance for old friends.

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