Our Time

I had great intentions of writing daily reflections about this new home-working life. It’s day five and I’ve already changed my mind. Just like working from home for this extended period, I need to pace myself.

So here’s a poem of mine instead 🙂

Catch-up folks, I’m growing fast, I know you must agree.
Every day I change, though it’s as long for you as me.

You’ll miss my tantrums, screams and yells, so savour them so true
You’ll miss my sleepless nights, I know, as long for me as you.

I won’t always be this small, this sweet, this cute – you’ll see,
Don’t forget each passing day moves just as quick for me.

These legs of mine can’t walk right now, but they’ll become much stronger.
Time passes fast, though a day is a day – no longer.

I could do so many things when I’m as tall as you,
Work in entertainment, as cast member or crew.

I might become a concert pianist, fill a concert hall,
All these things you dream of when, like me, you’re small.

But let’s not ponder on the future, it will come with time,
Let’s focus on the simple things, like rhythm, song and rhyme.

The present is our here and now, our one reality,
The future’s through another door, our one uncertainty.

I’ll still be yours and you’ll be mine, and as we climb life’s tree,
The big hand ticks around the clock the same for you as me.

So when you’re at your wits long-end, and struggling to get through,
Remember that a day is just a day – as much for me, as you.


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