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Memories of Sheena

In the summer of 2005, my grandparents informed us that they had bought a new puppy, a Cairn Terrier, and her name was Sheena. Only a few months previously my parents had bought a new Border Terrier puppy called Daisy who was beginning to enjoy life as the sole canine occupier and senior gardening assistant of the large plot that accompanied their new house. My grandparents had had dogs all their lives, and despite my grandfather’s reservations, they decided that a new puppy was for them. Sadly, it didn’t take long for them to realise that perhaps this was one puppy too far, and they couldn’t really match the curiosity and energy bound up in this little wriggly and excitable ball of hair. So a few months later, they asked my parents if they would like to adopt Sheena, which they duly did.

I was living at my parents’ house when she arrived, and, at first, I didn’t really take to her if I’m honest. She had no interest in getting to know me or communicating with humans in general. Her focus was Daisy. She was determined to become friends with Daisy and followed everything she did. Over time, she gradually learnt how to communicate with humans, to show interest and affection, and began to grow into the dog she would become – very friendly, good with adults, children and other dogs.

I have several specific memories of Sheena. In no particular order, here are the most prominent ones:

There are so many more memories of Sheena though my over-riding memory of her will be as a curious, perky, optimistic, persistent and affectionate dog. She retained puppyish tendencies well into her old age and only really lost the bounce and excitement from the age of 14 onwards, from which point she began to show her age and lose some of her faculties, though never the friendliness and affection which remained until the end.

She lived a good life, and was always optimistic about the day ahead.

RIP Sheenie Beanie, you were a good dog x

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