It’s the little things I miss

The end of another day
A chance to reminisce
About the things I long for
It’s little things I miss

Standing on the platform
Whilst waiting for my train
Familiar commuters
In sunshine, wind and rain

Alighting at the station
When the campus comes alive
Walking to the Med School
‘Cross the road on Vincent Drive

Catching-up with colleagues
Many now are friends
Hearing all the stories
Of fun-filled weekends

Interactions with my team
Individually; together
The walking one-to-ones I have
In every kind of weather

To ask for help, or lend a hand
Before and after meetings
Those nods and waves across the road
Brief, yet, friendly greetings

I miss those chance encounters
Which happen every day
Making swift arrangements
In passing, on the way

Our glorious Green Heart
Old Joe, at once, appearing
Aston Webb and Winterbourne
Muirhead, Engineering

I miss the campus catering
The wraps and salad bowls
The fresh baguettes in Med Café
The Staff House soup and rolls

Of course, I miss my running club
The Tuesday warm-up drill
Down the tow-path to the Vale
Around the lake and up the hill

It’s been so busy lately
Reflection time is rare
But at this chancing moment
I wish I was elsewhere

As I sit at home and reminisce
It seems opportune
For me to say, I miss you all
Stay safe, and see you soon.

RR 💚

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