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Introducing my friend Hannah Green. I met Hannah last June at the first Run Brum Crew run meet I joined. Run Brum Crew is another free social running club in Birmingham, founded and led by Mike Parker. Hannah is also a Run Leader and often leads the Monday night group runs. There’ll be a blog post dedicated to Run Brum Crew soon enough!

Hannah has a fantastic personal running story, which we will also feature soon. For now though, she shares some running and culinary thoughts in the context of the current predicament we all find ourselves in.

*note to readers, this is written within the context of government advice today, 28th March 2020. Any tips / advice may not hold true if government advice changes in the future*

Over to you, Han!

Hannah in full Run Brum Crew leading action

“So, this time last week, this was going to be a very different blog post. A quickfire, upbeat “go support your independents”; the tale of my daily runs, out and back grabbing coffee or treats on my return to support our local Jewellery Quarter independents whilst my heart/guilt was breaking for their small businesses in this, the most trying of times for all.

First up was a coffee from Damascena. They announced they were closing the next day.

Next day sweet treats + fresh oranges from Salcooks & Coffee Tales.

Coffee from Saint Kitchen followed, before they then had a day of selling off lovely produce + meal prep parcels before closing.

Saturday night takeaway from Indian Brewery. Felt weird that they were so busy. Regretted it almost the next day for their staff being at risk, but not for supporting in their final hour for a while (and the comfort food, obvs).

Monday: A sneaky (solo) stroll out for Salcooks’ last pastel de nata of the day. Little did I know that was my last for a while with lockdown announced that very night, for Sal as well as for all of us.

How ‘reckless’ that now all seems. Practically illegal too, weirdly.

I would absolutely still advocate to do something productive with your one allocated stint of outdoor exercise per day – run/walk/cycle to go get your essential groceries, any medical supplies, deliver something to a vulnerable relative/neighbour/friend. Less time outside, more tasks completed, following all the guidelines and keeping that goddamn distance.

But what I really want to say, is just enjoy that run as you normally would. ‘Normal’ life wouldn’t usually allow for one run PER DAY, or even exercise every day for that matter (unless you’re doing crazy training or run commuting) – this is a small joy that there’s time and rules to run/exercise every day. We’re facing a mental health epidemic if we don’t all stick to our ways of staying happy/sane and ensuring others are too, in whatever way we can. So go bask in that little bit more time on your hands, whether through lack of commute, a skeleton working day or necessary time out alone from those you’re in closer proximity to than your normal daily lives.

  • DO stay as far to one side of the path/canal/road as you can, allowing someone to pass alongside you safely.
  • DON’T hog the middle of said path.
  • DO cross the road safely if there’s no way of avoiding someone – it’s not rude right now, it’s the best thing to do.
  • ABSOLUTELY DO still give the most friendly of runner’s nods/smiles/waves/thumbs up/cheers from your safe distance – it means more now than ever.
  • And DO make your own treats/pick them up whenever you’re shopping for essentials. Make your own takeaway (cauliflower fat naans à la Indian Brewery are my new delicacy). They ARE essential in getting us through this and motivating us to get up and out for these heavenly runs.

P.s. in the same independent spirit this blog began, there are still some lovely independents able to work and provide their services for people during this time, like:

  • Gaijin Sushi donating a meal to the NHS for every £10 spent on delivery (they’ve already sent 260 NHS meals!)
  • The Clean Kilo (plastic-free supermarkets in Digbeth + Bourneville – click & collect or with safety measures in store)
  • Sarehole Mill’s local community pop-up shop of essential items (yes to pasta, tinned toms & eggs, Mon-Fri)

… to name just a few. Go get ‘um if you can, and while they still can.

Enjoy, stay safe and keep clean”

Guest post by Hannah Green

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