Green Heart Runners – eight months in

Since the turn of the year we have welcomed many more runners to our little club. This has been the result of a bit of internal marketing in various staff newsletters, word-of-mouth, and January being a good month to try new things. From an average of 10-12 runners in November/December we’re now up to over 20 per run at every run-meet so far this year.

A few stats:

  • 32 sessions
  • 271 runners
  • 46 individuals have taken part
  • Approximately 1500kms covered during our sessions

These are numbers I couldn’t have imagined even three months ago, let alone when we started out.

The dynamics of the session are a bit different now that we’ve grown. It takes two of us generally to lead the group, and the eyes and ears of other runners as well to help us keep track and ensure everyone knows where they should be. But this is the great thing about our club. Yes, we run, we get fit and have fun, but there’s a great spirit developing. People are meeting new colleagues and making friends they wouldn’t have otherwise made and comment on an array of benefits beyond simply improved fitness.

Very soon we will be able to wear our very own Green Heart Runners branded running shirts, and in April will be taking a group of runners to the Birmingham 5k/10k/half marathon in Sutton Coldfield. This will be a first for me as I’ve only ever entered races as an individual runner. I can’t wait for this, and to support, be supported, and celebrate with everyone afterwards.

We’re emerging from the darker months where we’ve been following the well-lit areas around campus. In a few weeks we’ll be back in day-light which opens up a few more options to us and also offers us more opportunities to take advantage of the running canvas which is the Green Heart at the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston campus.

So onwards, upwards, and who knows where to from here. Continued thanks to everyone who supports us, champions us and of course to the wonderful runners who participate with such enthusiasm, patience and humour.

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