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End of week five

Me and the vast majority of my colleagues have been working at home now for the past three and a half weeks, and we’ve all been in this lockdown for coming up five weeks.  

Actually, I’ll correct myself. I saw a good post on Facebook that articulated the whole working from home thing quite well. It said something along the lines of, we’re not working from home, we’re at home during a crisis, trying to work.  That explains the situation much better.

I’ve been at pains to let my team know that it is well understood that everyone is in a different situation. Some people have caring responsibilities, some don’t. Some people have jobs which limit what they can do from home, some don’t. Some people have gardens, some don’t . And so on. Everyone is in a different situation, comparisons should be avoided, and no-one is being judged.

It’s only now we’re a few weeks in that one can see patterns emerge. Here are some reflections in no important order:

As ever, these reflections are as much for me as anyone else, but if anything resonates, or provokes a reaction, do let me know!


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