Edinburgh Marathon Training: Long run | 15 miles | 8th March 2020

This was an interesting one. I decided to take some fruity squash drinks with me today on account of the increasing mileage. This meant taking my belt, which meant I could also take my phone. On a whim I also decided to take my earphones (I rarely do) since I would have my phone, and well, sometimes you just need two hours of Meat Loaf.

The belt didn’t irritate me too much and I quite enjoyed stopping for photos. This did nothing for my time, but is something I will continue to do now which will hopefully also help bring these little blog posts to life!

I retraced the starting steps of a run I did a few weeks ago in Storm Ciara, although this time actually did make it all the way through some lovely river paths and through to the Tyburn Road.

Rectory Park
New Hall Valley Country Park

It was there that I had a slight mishap and misjudged where I was meant to turn right back up towards Sutton Park. I didn’t turn right and ended up at Spaghetti Junction instead!

Still, I managed to regain my bearings and after dodging the smashed up bus-stop I headed back up the Lichfield Road and through Erdington and Wylde Green.

Where am I?
Spaghetti Junction

Then mild panic set-in. I needed the toilet. These are supposed to be informative blog posts so I’m sorry to go into these details, but all longer-distance runners will empathise! Runners-trots are a real thing and must be planned for and, despite my best planning, I found myself in a spot of bother. If you do long distances and don’t get them, lucky you, but I do and they are (quite literally) a pain in the arse. Read more about it here – it could be the best thing you ever did. Thankfully, the shopkeeper of GTS Select N Save between Wylde Green and Sutton Coldfield saw the panicky look in my eyes and allowed me to use the staff toilet. Phew! And on we go.

I’ll go back later and buy a newspaper!

I was conscious of my mileage being a bit skewed on account of the new route I had inadvertently created, so was doing run-maths in my head to work out where I needed to go to hit my 15. This involved me doing a circuitous route around the Sutton Coldfield main road, and then down past the tip and up to the junction by the Co-Op and one of our favourite restaurants, Pesto, on Hollyfield Road. From there I ran, increasingly slowly at this point, back towards my house taking a few more minor impromptu diversions to ensure I got the required mileage in.

3 miles to go with Pesto in the background

I jogged across the green near my house to finish the run in 2:08:21 at 8:33 minutes per mile – an improvement on last week. I can only put this down to having put in a few longer training runs recently and having an earlier night than last Saturday. I tend not to dwell on the timings for longer runs unless they’re massively out; getting in the miles is the achievement.

Until next time 🙂



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