Dear 2022

Now listen in hard, year ‘22
There aren’t many days to go
And before you start unleashing hell
There are some things you need to know

You can’t be much like this year
And not like the one before
Now I hope you’re paying attention
For we need to know what is in store

This year was a major improvement
On 2020, it’s true
Although it started off badly
It improved as we sailed through

We’ve all been jabbed (well most of us)
And we have all played our part
So we look forward to saying farewell
To the year we are soon to depart

We want to see our families
Whenever we damn well please
And we want to go on our holidays
Without worrying about guarantees

Working from home is ok I suppose
But it would be nice to resume
Sometimes seeing our colleagues in person
And not through a window on Zoom

So please, 2022
Take notice, and listen-up good
And don’t mess it up again for us all
But behave as a good year should


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