In the cold of a winter morningI hear you‘neath the waves of the summer seaI feel your every moveI live out all your momentsIn time zone of my ownAnd I pray for youWhen I am alone Amongst commuter hustleLies a charming stillThe blur of crowdsCreates a smooth surrenderI travel back in timeTo the place thatContinue reading “Breathing”

The Day’s Only Just Begun

These are lyrics to a song I wrote quite a few years ago. They still resonate with me now. I open my eyes and the day’s begunDon’t want to miss out on all that funMum says I’ll only once be youngShe don’t much but she knows her sonAnd I might just fly awayAnd right theContinue reading “The Day’s Only Just Begun”


I don’t believe in anything nowThere’s nothing to care for at allEverything to which I used to connectAll just seems pointless and small I don’t believe a word I am toldAll that I hear is liesNarcissism at the root of it allWith barely any disguise Surrounded by bullies and traitorsOnly with one thing in mindImmoral,Continue reading “Trapped”

Changing of the Seasons

The changing of the seasonsBears a shifting of the moodThe warming of the weatherInspires confidence renewed Autumn turns to winterSure as summer follows springIt’s regular as clockworkWith the luck that change can bring Winter clothes go southFor their annual migrationSummer garb emergesFrom its winter hibernation Nothing lasts foreverThe good times nor the badOur memories remindContinue reading “Changing of the Seasons”

Dear 2022

Now listen in hard, year ‘22There aren’t many days to goAnd before you start unleashing hellThere are some things you need to know You can’t be much like this yearAnd not like the one beforeNow I hope you’re paying attentionFor we need to know what is in store This year was a major improvementOn 2020,Continue reading “Dear 2022”