Capital Quake

When all the dust has settled

And the wreckage is confirmed

I’ll paint you a picture

The one for which you’ve yearned

The streets are full of rubble

The town can barely stand

Struggles from the pile ups

Cuts on people’s hands

I’ll tell you ‘bout the day time

Desolate and grim

The shadows are a highlight

Respite from sullen dim

I’ll tell you about the night time

Hollow, rough and raw

The icy winds compound them

And chills them to their core

A naked child confronts me now

With anger in his eyes

He leads me to the building

Where his parents died

The concrete pillars crumbled

The staircase burnt to ash

The boy lays his belongings

Scattered on the grass

His eyes ask me a question

His mouth remains tight shut

The villagers surround us

From their makeshift huts

To them am I the reason?

The symbol, or the cause?

The one who runs their wells dry?

The one who closes doors?

If so can I deny it?

Look at what I wear

Look at how I view them

Measure my despair

They don’t want my money

My lifestyle, they don’t care

They simply want their freedom

And returned to them, what’s theirs

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