In the cold of a winter morning
I hear you
‘neath the waves of the summer sea
I feel your every move
I live out all your moments
In time zone of my own
And I pray for you
When I am alone

Amongst commuter hustle
Lies a charming still
The blur of crowds
Creates a smooth surrender
I travel back in time
To the place that I was born
To days I recall
That weren’t battered down and torn

Far outside my dusky train
Yellow fields lie
The misty clouds above
Are beyond my comprehension
My boundaries are complete
When I know you’re in my space
My mind can rest at ease
When everything’s in place

Continue, continue
Continue breathing
That’s what you do
When there’s nothing else to do
Your heart will carry on
Even when you’re on the ropes
Determination doesn’t cease
When you’re sliding down the slopes

Just keep breathing
Focus on the core of your life
Keep breathing
Keep breathing

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