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I’m Robbie Roberts. I play the piano and I write songs and poems.

I have played piano from the age of five and am lucky enough to be able to play by ear. I somehow managed to pass all my piano exams at a fairly young age despite not ever being able to read music very well, but my ear has served me well and these days I tend to play without recourse to any sheet music, except when I’m playing classical music, when every note must be in the right place!

I have played the piano in restaurants and bars and at weddings and parties, both solo, as part of a duo, and part of bigger bands, for over twenty years.

As a teenager I also became interested in poetry and songwriting but it was only during those long days at home during the pandemic that I started sharing and publishing my work more widely.

Whilst I am interested in getting piano bookings and selling my illustrated poetry, I am also just as keen to meet people with similar interests. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, which often includes posts on my running adventures as well. If you share any of my interests and want to get in touch please do so via my social media channels – I’d love to hear from you.


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