Baby Grand Piano Shell

Dutchgrand baby grand piano shell

This is a quick news blast to let you know I have recently bought a top-of-the-line Dutchgrand black baby grand piano shell! This classy bit of kit looks very impressive and will create a wow factor as I play the piano at your wedding. I am offering it for anyone who has already booked me as well as for all future bookings.

Unless a venue has their own grand or baby grand piano it is very difficult to hire-in an acoustic or digital baby grand piano without incurring considerable expense. My baby grand piano shell offers the next best option which is a case that goes around my digital piano and creates the charming effect of having a baby grand piano in the room.

It has a very classy design and being made from fibreglass it is solid, shiny and easy to move around. It has foldable legs and my digital piano slots into the open space where the keyboard would be on an actual baby grand piano.

Wedding and event spaces come in all different shapes and sizes and often I am required to play in different locations throughout the day. With the baby grand shell plus a more compact piano stand, I can set-up in different parts of the venue more quickly which means less set-up time and more playing time! It also means there are different options depending on the size of the room and the visual effect that you would like on the day.

I am offering the use of my baby grand piano shell as part of all my packages.

Please get in touch for bookings or to find out more!

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