An Ode to 2021

Dear next year, it’s new year’s eve
And I think we need a word
To think I’m talking to a year
May at first seem quite absurd

But, you see, it’s vital
In the next year, that we find
It is nothing whatsoever
Like the year we leave behind

2020 really did
Fall well below the bar
Shocking effort, didn’t try
The worst of years by far

We’d like to see our families
We’d like to see our friends
We’d like to see all business boom
Upon us it depends

We’d like to give NHS staff
Some very well-earned breaks
So work with us to help
Let’s not repeat last year’s mistakes

We want to see our kids excel
Our elderly well-served
I’m afraid last year these people
Did not get what they deserved

We will all play our part
And do as we’ve been told
To stop the virus spreading
As we watch the year unfold

But please, next year, play your part too
And please keep front of mind
It must bear no resemblance
To the year we leave behind


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