3rd March

Hello. Hi there. I’m sorry to disturb you, but..
You’ve not seemed yourself for a while
I’m probably just nosey, getting in your way, it’s just..
I can’t remember when I last saw you smile

Maybe you’ll tell me, and maybe you won’t
Does it matter that I went out of my way?
Months ago I noticed, weeks ago I worried
And I don’t know why I happened to choose today

Your brave face and busy days can provide a mask
But the signs may be breaking through
It took a little time, to recognise the fact
That lately I’m not really seeing you

Could it be a big thing that’s run out of control
Or is it just a small thing standing tall?
Is it something more sincere and something much more deep
That makes you want to run away from it all?

The sun may be shining, but are there storm clouds in your mind?
The rain may clear the haze but leave a scar
Tell me. Is there no escaping it, or is there some reprieve?
Is it something that’s just gone a bit too far?

I don’t the answer, I’ll wait for you to speak
Just know there is a friend to lend a hand
I’ll listen, I’ll support, I’ll protect and I’ll remember
And do my best to try to understand.

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