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He’s done. He’s fallen into the abyss
He can’t remember ever feeling quite as low as this
Everything seems pointless, happiness departed
Can’t be bothered to complete any task that he has started

Getting no enjoyment from any thing that he may do
Going nowhere very fast is all he sees that’s true
Do it well, do it poorly, don’t it at all
Seemingly makes little difference at the final call

Enthusiasm drained, he’s getting nothing in return
On the road to nowhere, doesn’t know which way to turn
His efforts are vain and he just wants to withdraw
His feelings of worthlessness are too strong to ignore

Maybe he’ll snap out of this, or is that an illusion?
That value can exist at all seems such a mean delusion
Moments come and moments go, he’s sure he’ll find a way
Until that time he’ll focus on just getting through today

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