Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?
A voice spoke soft and slow
Not quite yet, you’ve been so good
But there’s some way to go

I’ve played all the games i brought
Through windows now I’m staring
It started off quite interesting
Now it’s overbearing

I don’t really travel well
Long distances, small spaces
I prefer short, solitary hops
Interspersed with faces

My movement is restricted
In the back seat of this car
I need to stop and stretch my legs
Before we go too far

I’m getting tired of wandering
Through the fog haze of my mind
Finding insecurities
I thought I’d left behind

They lurk amongst the loneliness
And strike when least prepared
Some of them i beat back down
But others leave me scared

Sound bites on repeat, it seems
Blaring from my phone
‘We’re all in this together’
But i feel all on my own

So are we nearly there yet?
Just a bit more up this track
It’s a one way journey
And we won’t be turning back


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