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Ok. I’ll admit it
I’m finding this one tough
It happened all quite suddenly
And I’m feeling pretty rough

The weather’s bad, it’s getting cold
We’ve got nowhere to go
It’s getting dark by 4pm
And time is moving slow

The news is pretty awful
With numbers on the rise
And the ‘leader’ of the free world
Still clinging to his prize

I’m grateful to the kind souls
And scornful of the cruel
I have no time bullies
I left them all at school

Summoning some energy
To brighten up my week
It’s hard not to conclude
That it all looks pretty bleak

Oh and then there’s Brexit
Maybe you’d forgotten
Whichever way you voted
It all sounds pretty rotten

It’s wet and cold and dark and dank
This lockdown in November
Goodness only knows
What awaits us in December

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